Fantasy Vault


Fantasy #34

Big and swollen, I want him and him in each of my holes. I want it to last all night and put me to bed with the dicks of George, Rick, and Ted


Fantasy #36

She is sucking all the juices inside me as his fat cock fills my mouth. We are both daddy girls and he is making us both happy. Sucking her nipples he still fucks my mouth like a good daddy would. “I ask him can I please my daddy with any wish?”, he bends me over and teases my anal while I lick deep inside her pussy.

Fantasy #42

He pulls me inside his apartment and locks the door behind me. Quickly he grabs my hands and raises my arms above my head pinning me to the door. He kisses down my neck and pushes his hands down into my panties. His fingertips massage my pussy as I moan into his ear.  A hard cock brushes up against me and as he pleasures my body I see his neighbor peaking through the window jacking off. Sliding his hand up and down his cock he keeps my interests by rubbing the tip. We lock eyes as the pleasure before me takes over my body and then my shirt comes off. Nipples exposed the neighbor strokes his cock faster and faster.


Fantasy # 53

His dad puts me on the kitchen counter, while his wife is at work. He leans in and sniffs my white panties then fingers me as I moan loud in his house. Then he has an idea, he wants his neighbor Billy to see some of the action as he cuts the grass. Me and David’s dad go out in the backyard just so Billy could see us. He looks over gives a nod and then David’s dad bends me over the patio table and slides his hard cock deep inside me. He fucks me as my nipples become harder. Billy stops cutting grass and starts stroking his old cock watching us. Eventually he comes over and joins us sucking on my hard nipples as David’s dad fucks me so good.


Fantasy #91

I got off work, there is my handsome husband waiting for me outside. He opens the door for me and I get inside the car. Then he gives me a kiss and tells me that I need to do something for him. Driving for a short time we arrive at home but we didn’t go in the house. He leads me to the back yard where there is a chair sitting by itself. I began to wonder for a second but he starts to take off all his clothes. He walks over to me with his cock erect and then takes off all my clothes. He takes me by the hand over to the chair and bends me over. My ass spread open he slides his huge cock into me but as he fucks me from behind I feel someone licking my nipples. Our neighbors Joann and Tim came over to join the fun and it was the best day I ever had.