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Feature Story: Belly


Standing there with my 450 pound body, I waited for a Uber to pull up so I could get home after this horrible blind date from Tinder. My black heels were holding up pretty well as I felt the wind send a breeze up my short black skirt. Silence crept in as I stood there waiting for my ride. Sometimes the drivers take one look at me and keep going which is something I have become used to. This known fact  hasn’t stopped me from using Uber. As this big black SUV with tinted windows pulls up to me, I move back a little. I couldn’t see inside so I just waited for the driver to roll down the window. Rocking back and forth a little, I was kind of nervous when a tall slender man exits the driver side. I became frozen looking at his long cascading locks and green eyes. He went to the passenger side and opened the door for me like I was a princess.  I could tell my smile was welcoming to him as he grabbed my long shawl and placed it in the car with me. My heart raced as he ran back to driver side to take me home.

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